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Rose is a professional, highly trained, and innovative hair stylist. Rose grew up in San Mateo, went to school, and has been practicing hair styling for women and men of all ages and types of hair… with skill, imagination, and a gentle personality… for over 30 years.

Greetings and welcome to my home grown website.  My name is Rose Woodward, and I’m a native of San Mateo.  I’ve been a professional hair stylist for over 30 years… right here in San Mateo County. My family roots go back several generations on the San Francisco Peninsula.

You know, the seasonal humidity in the Bay Area can really play tricks on certain types of hair. If your hair has ever behaved one day and the next it just goes POOF! …well, you probably know what I mean. There are lots of things around us that can influence how our hair looks and behaves – sunshine, trips to the beach, water hardness, what products we use…

I love to help people of all ages look their best and I look forward to meeting you in person. If you’re ready to find a local gal who knows how to make you look great, call to schedule a free consultation.  You’ll get to know me in person, and I’ll learn what you are looking for in your hair stylist.

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Rose Woodward | Hair Stylist San Mateo | Visible Changes Salon | 15 43rd Avenue, San Mateo – just North of the Belmont city limit sign!